Project Process



At this stage, we communicate with the client and all stakeholders needed to be involved. We understand their needs and expectations for the project at hand. By providing critical information and potential limitations gives a clear understanding of the project before and hours are dedicated. Once we have full and consise awareness for the clients needs and expectations we then move to the next stage of the process.


Project Brief

The project brief is the road map for each project. This gives both the client and ourselves full insight for the project before breaking ground. Documented within the brief is precise explanation for the challenges at hand along with detailed steps and hourly estimates for the project from beginning to completion.


Design / Development / Production

Once the project brief is completed and approved, kickoff will begin. While utilizing the brief we will provide design comps and prototypes for approval. As each stage is approved, development and production will commence. By closely communication with all stakeholders, we strive to finalize the project within the brief's cost and time estimations.


Testing / Delivery

Each completed project needs to be fully reviewed and tested. At this stage we will test all web applications through several devices amongst the most popular browsers to uncover any bugs or inconsitencies. If the project is for print or digital delivery, we will make sure everything is to provided specifications for a smooth and acurate delivery.

When you are ready to start your project or if have any questions on how we can fullfill your project needs, please contact us. We will review your request(s) within 24 hours and schedule a time to discuss your projects details.