Everyday I dream of new and exciting ways to grasp bold ideas and deliver them into reality.


I love to roll up my sleeves and dive in to challenging projects. At my core, I am a dreamer with the ability to take creative visions to life. Beginning with initial brand creation and delivering to final product deployment is truly exciting.

  • I am a huge fan of Eric's work. His art is spectacular, and his technical expertise is stellar. He can handle anything thrown at him from coding, to troubleshooting, to creative design for practically any medium. He can handle practically anything thrown at him and exceed expectations every time.

    Alejando Rojas – OpenMinds
  • Eric has been doing our album art since 2003. He always does an amazing job and his prices are very fair. Usually I present him an idea for artwork and he does his magic and we have always been very happy with the outcome. As far as I'm concerned Eric is the best!!!

    Pat Flannery – St. Madness (band)


I create experiences to enlighten and provoke thought. Through discipline, observation and inspiration I strive to create great products with focus on usability and understanding.


Design and development go hand-in-hand. To understand the limitations is the key to balance both form and function.


Consistency and simplicity are the greatest challenges. The goal is to position visual composition to bring awareness that feels natural.


Multiple applications and platforms need close attention in order to deliver functional design for great user experiences.


The combination of disciplines is achieved with years of knowledge. To create timeless work through sight, touch and interaction.

Communication is the conduit for success. From first contact to final decision, it is the most important piece for the systems of creation.

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Challenges and problem solving of the past. Constantly aspiring to improve and replace, I am excited for what the future holds.